Our Guarantor Loan info

Mayo- Loans with a guarantor is the most reliable and trustworthy service provider for the guarantor loans. Mayo offers the customized and tailored loans that are as per the individual needs and preferences. It can fit in your individual financial circumstances and can give the best desired outcome as well.

Mayo is known for the best and most affordable guarantor loans and  we offers the customers to borrow the amount you need over a term that best suits you. This can be anywhere from £1,000 to £15,000 and from 1 to 5 years, it is as per your need, requirements and flexibility to pay the amount with easy installments.

Guarantor loans are different from other form of loans; these loans are entirely based on the trust and on the person who has trust, good credit score and is able to support and guarantee you in case of the need. For a guarantor one must fulfill the following requirements:

  • A UK Homeowner
  • Aged from above 18
  • Have a regular income
  • Should provide the supporting document of his/her identify
  • No financial affiliation with the lender ( like spouse)

We work on fast and east process and believe that once a guarantor and borrower is ready and agrees to all terms and conditions we are happy to process the request. In case you have a poor credit score, or bad credit history then we are the ultimate choice for the guarantor loans. For processing; you need to fill up the simple forms with all the necessary details, find a suitable guarantor and then wait for us to process your request at rapid speed.

The best thing about our guarantor loan is that we have less documentation, easy installments and money is usually received within 4 hours time. Once a person is able to pay all the installments in a proper and on timely basis; it helps to improve the credit score and history as well. Hence we are thee not to provide the finical support but also help the customers to be ready to have a better credit score as well. Mayo is amongst those companies who don’t have any setup fee for the guarantor loan.

Our loans are considered to be fast and reliable with low interest rates and that is the reason we are considered as the best in the guarantor loans. We provide the loans from very low amount to a high amount and the installments and terms are as per your needs and demands. You can control your financial obligations and will not be in a trap of loan repayments as well.

Our guarantor loans endeavor to be the responsible and the transparent financial service; which enables the customers and the borrower to stand with us and inspires the other loan providers to appreciate us as a bench mark. We believe in best customer service and the transparency in our business dealing and that is why we are liked and appreciate for the guarantor loans.