About our company

Welcome to mayowebsites.com  

mayowebsites is a registered and certified company based in UK.  The company is registered and has the authority to process the guarantor funds to the people in need. The company is registered under the license no ___________ and is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. We are the company who has the authority to help people with the guarantor loan and we have the capability to disburse the loan in a quick, smooth and fastest way.

We ensure that the people in need get the guarantor loan with the given timeframe, with hassle free documentation and easy and convenient payment plans as well. This is the reason people come to us multiple times and were always delighted to help them and to support them to have a good credit history by paying the amount on time. The area of our success is our flexible and convenient loan services to the people of UK

We are working solely with the people who are suffering from bad credit history. Everyone can suffer from this issue and the rejection from the bank loan is not a reason to lose the hope. We are there to support you by providing the guarantor loan ranging from smaller to bigger amount and it is per your agreed tenure. The flexibility to pay back the amount with no additional cost and no processing fee makes as unique amongst our competitors.

In case a person is in need of a home loan, personal loan or even for car financing and have someone who can ensure the repayment (in case of failure to do so) then Mayo is the best choice for such people. They can come to us and get the free consultation. Yet it is important to remember that the loans are for everyone but there are certain parameters to obtain/secure that loan. Apart from that the amount of loan varies from a person to person and yes indeed it is depended on the guarantor ability and the previous background of the debtor as well.

We work in best ethical way and have a team of professional who ensure that before proceeding with the loan and agreement is settled between the lender, borrower and the guarantor as well. For that we take the consent of the guarantor and make it understand and explain about all terms and conditions of the loan processing and legal implications as well. Our team is highly professional and they ensure that all terms and well settled and the repayment plan is also flexible for the borrower. Our service is swift and fast with no hidden clues and that is the reason we process the loan in 24 hours time.

We are just one call away to meet your needs and in case of any inquiry please call us at _____________ or drop us an email _____________.

We will be pleased to serve you at our registered office address_______________. For your inquires and consultation book an appointment and feel free to get all the necessary information.